GT Bank’s Dusty Manuscript Prize 2018 longlist announced.

GT Bank’s Dusty Manuscript Prize 2018 longlist announced.

The GT Bank Dusty Manuscript Prize 2018 longlist was announced on June 8, 2018. The award, open only to Nigeria nationals, has a list of 20 in the running.

In February, Nigerian based GT Bank in partnership with publishing houses, Okadabooks and Farafina announced a new prize for the West African nation’s literary community. The prize was a call out for manuscripts from writers which would earn the winners money and publishing deals.

The prize would be judged by a panel of Eghosa Imasuen the author of Fine Boys which we loved, Yejide Kilanko, a poet and therapist in children’s mental health and author Daughters Who Walk This Path, Dr Ainehi Edoro-Glines, an Assistant Professor of English Language and founder of your favourite literary blog that isn’t this one and Toni Kan, a writer and PR executive whose collection of short stories, Nights of a Creaking Bed, won the NDDC/Ken Saro Wiwa prize for literature.

Yesterday the panel announced those in the running for the 1 million Naira prize from the over 1,000 manuscripts that had been submitted. They are;

  1. Devil‘s Pawn by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson.
  2. Home to the hill by Eunice Ekelaka.
  3. Sambisa by Mohammed, Fatima Aliko.
  4. The Smell of rain by Nneoma Otuegbe.
  5. Omon by Henri Yeri.
  6. The Orchid Protocol by Onochie Emeka Onyekwena.
  7. Love Unexpected by Pailyin John.
  8. Children of the Night by Chimaobi Olayinka Ahuekwe.
  9. Giants by Adeyinka Isioye.
  10. The Fugitive by Chidubem Akala.
  11. Kamalu’s Symphony by Hayzard Solum.
  12. The Kidnapping by Oputuboye T.J. Krukrubo.
  13. Hues of the Sun by Ally Oyedokun, Maryam Wuraola.
  14. In the Half-Dark by Ayosojumi Adeniyi Akinsanya.
  15. Book of Lost Words by Ikechukwu Nwaogu.
  16. Secrets beyond the Red Gate by Sylvia Ozomena.
  17. Lyrics by Adejoke Olamuyiwa.
  18. The Other Side of Truth by Nnema Anieto.
  19. Identity by Victor Oladutemu.
  20. The Way We Do It Here Now by Onyeka Ibe.

The writers of these shortlisted manuscripts will go on a two-day boot camp where they will interact with and learn from accomplished authors on the art and business of writing. The shortlist and winner will be announced later in the year.


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