Mariana Evaristo and Rodrigo França

Rodrigo França at Afrolit Sans Frontières Season 5.

Rodrigo França featured at Afrolit Sans Frontières Season 5 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday, August 1, 2020. He was moderated by Mariana Evaristo.

Afrolit Sans Frontières, a virtual literary festival for writers of African origin, was founded by author and publisher Zukiswa Wanner as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic international lockdowns. The festival format is two sessions a day on Instagram Live with an artist moderated by a host who also fields questions from audience members. There have been four editions; Season 1 from March 23-30; Season 2 from April 20-27; Season 3 from May 25 – June 1; and Season 4 from June 29-July 6.

Season 5 kicked off on July 27 and festival goers have so far interacted with Lerato Mogoatlhe in Johannesburg, South Africa, Joe Khamisi in Texas, USA, Frances Mensah Williams in London, UK, Conceição Evaristo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kayo Chingonyi in Leeds, UK, L.L. McKinney in Kansas City, USA, Gauz in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, and Fiston Mwanza Mujila in Graz, Austria.

The Saturday started with Ondjaki in Luanda, Angola before Rodrigo França wrapped the day up from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rodrigo França is a cultural articulator, actor, director, playwright and visual artist. In 1992, he started his acting career in theater and cinema. He has worked in quarantine and two shows as an actor and eight as a director. He wrote seven theatrical performances, among them: O Pequeno Príncipe Preto, Capiroto and Inimigo Oculto. His last works are “Oboró – Masculinidades Negras”, “Yabá – black women”, “Love as a revolution” and “Enleador of worlds”, where he signs direction. He also written the books The Little Black Prince and Confinements & the like: the look of a black man on representativeness and resistance.

You can watch the discussion between two Brazilians in the below video.



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