Author Ken Walibora with Spotlight publisher managing director Simon Sossion

1 million shilling Kiswahili literary award is here

It’s been a good time for those who write in the Swahili language. First, there was the Mabati Cornell Prize for Literature where folks who write in Swahili are eligible to win thousands of dollars in prizes. Then came the Tanzania’s Ebrahim Hussein Poetry Prize where one could win some dosh too.

The newest prize for writing in Swahili being unveiled later today is the Tuzo ya Fasihi ya Ubunifu Kiswahili Literary Award. The new project is co-funded by the Embassy of France in Kenya and Spotlight Publishers to promote the cultural diversity of literature, to promote the use of the Swahili language in Kenya, and to make Swahili literature known in France.

The competition will see winners eligible to win up to Ksh1,000,000. The winner will also be published in Kenya by Spotlight Publishers and translated in France for publication purposes. Not bad eh?

So if you think that this is the language for you to write in you are invited to hand over your manuscripts of novels written in Kiswahili in soft copy between the 15th of July and the 15th of September 2015. The jury will be composed of Swahili language and literature experts from France and Kenya.

The winner of this competition will be announced at a glittering ceremony at the end of November.

One downside: Only Kenyan writers are eligible for the prize this year. Sorry.



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6 responses to “1 million shilling Kiswahili literary award is here”

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  2. Joseph Odiembo avatar
    Joseph Odiembo

    where is one supposed to submit their manuscript?

    1. Remmy Murule avatar
      Remmy Murule

      where is the manuscript supposed to be posted

  3. nixon arunga avatar
    nixon arunga

    kongole ubalozi wa france kwa tuzo hili

  4. james kariuki avatar
    james kariuki

    when specifically will the winner be announced

  5. Douglas Ogutu avatar

    Any exact dates on the prize giving day?

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