Kojo Laing

African writers mourn Ghanaian author Kojo Laing

Ghanaian author of short stories and speculative fiction Kojo Laing passed on April 20, 2017.

Kojo Laing, born as Bernard Kojo Laing in 1946, is one of the best know writing voices from West African nation with many works to his name. He emerged in the 1970s as a poet winning the National Poetry Prize Valco Award in 1976.  He received attention both in his home country and internationally when he published his debut Search Sweet Country in 1986.

His second novel Woman of the Aeroplanes set in twinned villages in Ghana and Scotland was in 1988 followed by a poetry collection Godhouse in 1989. He has since written other novels like Major Gentl and Achimota Wars (1992) which won the Valco Award in 1993.

Also in his bibliography is Big Bishop Roko and The Altar Gangstars in 2006.

In his life, apart from the Valco awards, he was also awarded the national novel prize in 1985.

May this one of our pioneer writers, one of our best be remembered for his amazing contribution to the canon as he starts his new role as an ancestor.

Here are some of the tributes from his fellow writers and African literary organisations

Rest In Power Kojo Laing.






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