Afridiaspora seeks your submissions for quarterly edition


Afridiaspora seeks your submissions for its debut edition of its new quarterly edition.

Afridiaspora is a pan-African literary webzine that showcases beautiful African stories written by African writers at home and in the diaspora. I have been enjoying reading their features, reviews, stories and more over the last few months.

Our friends from Afridiaspora have decided to get into the anthology game. By this I mean that they have decided to produce a new regular publication that we the lover of book type things can sink our teeth into. They will be producing their anthology every three months. This type of endevour can be a bit tricky and I wish to see how they pull off this mighty task. If they do it, this will be only good for those of us who are seeking spaces to do shine.

Their debut edition will be going under the inexhaustible theme of ‘My Africa, My CITY’ as they look for stories and arts that showcase the colourful cities of Africa. City could mean several things. From growing up to striking out as an adult, from memories of loss and gain witnessed by high towers and impatient city dwellers to feeling lonely in a sea of people. Basically they are telling you that as long as your work has an African city as it centre you can’t lose. Just like Parker Lewis.

So if you think that you have what it takes to be in the first Afridiaspora then you want to get submitting. You might just be published. Then when the anthology comes out it is so awesome that it becomes a collector’s edition. Wherever people talk about you in future, even if you never make it to the big time, they will be like, “him, oh he was on the first Afridiaspora anthology. How cool was that.”

So how do you get into the game? Click here for all the details. Submissions close on 30th of September, 2016.

P.S. Please note that because this is a non-profitable initiative, they won’t be able to pay you for your work. You’d have to work with the whole, “how cool was that” thing.






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