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Babishai Niwe Poetry Prize 2015 shortlist out

We have a shortlist. After the longlist which had many many Africans, the judges led by Mildred Barya of the Babishai Niwe Poetry, Africa’s only indigenous one last time I checked, is out. The winner of the Babishai Poetry Award 2015 will be announced during the Babishai Poetry Festival scheduled for 26 to 28 August in Kampala at The Uganda Museum.

The poems and those in the running for poetry glory are;

  • Like Scented Mangoes by Arinze Ifeakandu from Nigeria
  • My Son by Adhiambo Agoro from Kenya
  • A Room With A Drowning Book by Adeeko Ibukun of Nigeria
  • The Ghost of Jevanjee by Nyanduaki Okongo Omare from Kenya
  • Luna by Danica Kreusch from South Africa
  • LHR and Death-fall by Nick Makoha from Uganda
  • Journey Into Songs by Gbenga Adesina from Nigeria
  • Elixir by Famia Nkansa from Ghana
  • Women Lovers by Salawu Olajide from Nigeria
  • Tremours in Kigali by Richard Otwao from Uganda
  • My Hair Is By Lua Nsume Davis from Cameroon
  • Dusk Dawn by Waruguru Wa Kiai from Kenya
  • A Poem We Would Rather Forget by Sanya Noel from Kenya
  • Diz Poetry by Babjide Olusegun from Nigeria
  • Evolution (for ardonis) by Tolase Ajibola from Nigeria


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