Christopher Mlalazi’s “Running With Mother” now available in Spanish.

Christopher Mlalazi’s “Running With Mother” now available in Spanish.

Christopher Mlalazi’s novel Running With Mother is now available in Spanish from Mexican outfit El Sotano.

Bulawayo-born Christopher Mlalazi is the writer of several titles including Dancing with Life: Tales from the Township (2008), Many Rivers (2009), Running With Mother (2012), Giraffe Gets A Long Neck (2013), and They Are Coming (2014). Running With Mother, a Young Adult title published by HarperCollins, came with the blurb;

Unsentimental and unselfpitying, this short but powerful novel by Chris Mlalazi vivifies an account by Rudo, a fourteen-year-old school girl who observes the terrifying events that take place in her village. “Running with Mother” provides us with a gripping story of how Rudo, her mother, her aunt and her little cousin survive the onslaught. Shocking as the story that unfolds may be, it is balanced by the resilience, self-respect, unselfishness and stoicism of the protagonists. Mlalazi’s novel is written with insight, humour and provides a salutory reminder that even in the worst of times, we can find humanity.

The book is now available to those who read in Spanish from Mexican outfit El Sotano, where Mlalazi is currently based, under the name Huyendo Con Mi Madre. It was scheduled to officially make its appearance in April 2020 but then Covid-19 happened. Luckily for all concerned, if you are a Spanish speaker and would like to read some sweet prose from one of the finest writers from Zimbabwe you can click here and get a copy.



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