Ciku Kimeria teases new novel in Short Story Day interview

Ciku Kimeria has given an interview with Short Story Day Africa where she speaks about a variety of issues include what compels her to write, lessons from self-publishing as well teasing her new novel.

Ciku Kimeria burst onto the literary scene with her book Of Goats and Poisoned Oranges in 2013 which I have reviewed here. Since then the Nairobi native has been all over the continent selling her book at festivals like the Storymoja Festival and the Hargeysa festival. She also went on an African tour promoting the book in Uganda as well as Nigeria and Ghana.

The fiction writer and travel blogger has given an interview where she speaks about a variety of topics that will be of interest to those who want to get into the writing business. For this reader, the most stand out thing in the interview is that she has a new book in the offing. While she doesn’t disclose the name of the book, she gives a little snippet of what is coming. And it is,

“A mother’s deathbed confession threatens to tear her family apart. A son who bears a lethal secret. A son whose guilt threatens to subsume him. A daughter who seeks solace in the spiritual world at the risk of losing herself. A daughter struggling through the pains of growing up in this modern world. A grieving husband who mourns more than just the wife he lost. How far are you willing to go to find the truth? To Uganda? Cote d’Ivoire? Comoros? Brazil – to the end of the world…and at what price does this truth come?”

Sounds good no? You can read the whole revealing interview here.





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