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David G Maillu rocks Nairobi folks

There was so much that happened in the Kenyan literary space in the last week. Jalada Africa turned two with a reading at the Fiesta, Chester house on Thursday evening. There was also a launch of the Chimurenga at the Pawa 254, Maguezi Theatre in Nairobi on Friday. For me though the coolest event had to be the event called ‘Writing and Activism’ at the Pawa 254, Maguezi Theatre which involved veteran author David G Maillu.

David G Maillu is an interesting fellow for many of us. While the Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s of the world were trying to change the world with their writing, Maillu emerged with fast paced titles like My Dear Bottle (1973) and After 4:30am (1974). These were the books where I first read about people having sex in graphic detail. And drinking like fish.

He then went on a publishing spree where unleashed a number of books that led him to being dubbed Africa’s most prolific novelist with 60 fiction and non-fiction books.

The author was hosted for the PAWASalon a monthly forum that gives a professional/pioneer in a creative industry a platform to share with other professionals, students and enthusiast hands-on skills knowledge and insight into their creative industry of work. Maillu being an elder statesman in the business of writing shared his experiences with writing and publishing for over fourty years.

Here are images of the event courtesy of our friends at Pawa254.

Neo Musangi
Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi






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    So the only person you know (or– that we must know) here is Boniface Mwangi? I see you; isorait 🙂 Thanks for this lakini.

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