Dilman Dila meets Napo Masheane at Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

Napo Masheane Photo/afridiziak.com
Napo Masheane Photo/afridiziak.com

I’m starting to notice a pattern with these folks from Germany’s Goethe Institut. Its looking like these fellows are the one’s hosting a lot of the really cool literary events on the African continent be it Authors talk in Nigeria or Conversations with African Authors in Kenya. This month alone there shall be one event in Lagos and one in Nairobi.

And now it looks like there will be one happening in Johannesburg this Thursday evening at the resident Goethe at 7pm. The event will a meeting of Ugandan Dilman Dila writer, film maker and all around great guy and South Africa Napo Masheane.

Dilman Dila Photo/Wikipedia
Dilman Dila Photo/Wikipedia

Dila has written short story collection A Killing in the Sun and romance novel Cranes Crest at Sunset while Napo has just published her poetry and essay anthology Caves Speak In Metaphors.

Because this isn’t an episode of Tujuane, they will be moderated by Niq Mhlongo who readers of this blog are quite familiar with.

If you are in town, please check it out.


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