Sabri Moussa

Egyptian Novelist Sabri Moussa has passed on

Sabri Moussa
Sabri Moussa

Egyptian high-profile novelist, journalist, and scenarist Sabri Moussa passed away after a battle with disease، at the age of 89 on January 18, 2018.

Sabri Moussa was born in Damietta governorate on February 19، 1932. He worked as a teacher for one year, then as a journalist for Al-Gomhuriya newspaper and a full-time writer at Rose Al-Yousef, where he was also a member of its board of directors, and then as a member of the Arab Writers Union.

His most famous works of fiction are Seeds of Corruption, The Half-Meter Accident, and The Man in the Spinach Field. Seeds of Corruption was on the Arab Writers Union’s list of the “top 105 novels” of the twentieth century.

He was most prolific on the screen with a repertoire that include a number of famous film scripts including the 1968 film Al Bostagi (The Postman), 1968 film Kandil om Hashem (Omm Hashem’s Lamp), 1981 film Al-qadisiyyah, and 1972 film Al Chima.







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    i my self also adores his works

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