Elnathan John‘s “Be(com)ing Nigerian”

Elnathan John‘s “Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide” out on February 6.

Elnathan John newest nonfiction book Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide makes its official debut on February 6, 2019.

Elnathan John is a Nigerian novelist, satirist, and lawyer whose fiction was shortlisted twice for the Caine Prize for African Writing in 2013 and 2015. His debut novel, Born on a Tuesday, a coming of age novel about Islam, politics, and culture in a turbulent time in northern Nigeria was shortlisted for the Nigeria Prize for Literature, won a Betty Trask award (2017), and made the 2017 Hurston/Wright Legacy Award for Debut Fiction shortlist. He was also a recipient of the Miles Morland Scholarship in 2017.

Elnathan who is one of Nigeria’s most well-known contemporary satirists has a new book coming next month called Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide. The book is described thus;

Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide is a satirical collection that takes a searing look at how different forms of power are abused, negotiated and performed both in the private and public realm. Through attempting to satirise those who abuse privilege or power, it recognises that power can be found everywhere: in politics, business, religious institutions and in homes. From the exploration of religious hypocrisy in How To Worship The Nigerian God, to A Letter to My Future Kidnapper which tackles the growing scourge of kidnapping, the collection is a jab at Nigerian society and what it means to be a Nigerian. Beyond poking fun at the holders of power, it is a summon, a provocation and a call for introspection among all levels of society. As it is often said in Nigeria, when you point with one finger, there are four others pointing back at you. This is an engrossing read for Nigerian watchers, and strangers to Nigeria alike, with it’s tongue-in-cheek look at Nigeria’s relationship to the world, both culturally and politically.”

For those who want to get a copy of this new book published by Cassava Republic Press please click here.


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