Ethale Talks happening in Portuguese in June and July.

Ethale Talks, webcasts brought to you by Ethale Publishing and Revista Literatas, are set to light the Internet with speakers from the Portuguese speaking publishing and academic community in June and in July.

Ethale Publishing, a publisher of books, magazines, and brochures, publishes works of African science and fiction from its base in Maputo, Mozambique. Founded in 2017, it has 10 published books, with authors such as Wole Soyinka’s Death And The King’s Horseman, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s Matigari and Licínio Azevedo’s The Train of Salt and Sugar in its catalogue.

Revista Literatas is a literary magazine of ideas and Lusophone culture belonging to the Movement Literary Kupaluxa and managed by Vice Versa. The eight-year-old publication has established itself as one of the main cultural magazines in Mozambique, with readers in all Portuguese speaking countries.

Ethale Publishing and Revista Literatas this month introduced Ethale Talks, a series of webcasts where people in the Lusophone literary, academia, and publishing circuit speak to their concerns. So far, there have been two events focusing on Brazil and Portugal. The most recent one, “From the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic: African literatures in Portugal” was moderated by Ethale Publishing’s Jessemusse Cacinda and had Ana Mafalda Leite, Hilarino Da Luz and Ana T. Coimbra as panellists. You can watch it below.

There are several more events forthcoming for those who speak Portuguese. You can follow proceedings either on Ethale Publishing’s Facebook Page or Revistas Literatas YouTube Channel.

Below is the program.

  • Memory, urban toponymy, and heroism in Mozambique: Maria Paula Meneses,  Arnaldo Caliche, and Sarita M. Herinksen.

Day:  June 24(Wednesday)
Time: 17h-18h (Maputo). 16-17h (Lisbon / Luanda). 12-13h (Rio de Janeiro). 14-15h (Beach)

A conversation in which the participants will present their reflections on what the heroic narratives surrounding Mozambique’s independence and what the urban toponymy of cities and in particular the city of Maputo suggests.

  • Cultural emancipation and racism in the 21st century: José Castiano, Nilma Gomes and Segone Cossa

Day:  June 29 (Monday)
Time:  5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Maputo). 16-17h (Lisbon / Luanda). 12-13h (Rio de Janeiro). 14-15h (Beach)

A conversation in which the participants will look at the struggles for cultural emancipation, especially the cultural emancipation of black and African peoples and an ideal model of response to racism in the 21st century. Stakeholders can also analyse the relationship between systems like fascism, neoliberalism interfere with the issue of racism.

  • Imagining African borders in the post-Covid: David Matsinhe, Irene Cruz and Paulo Wache

Day:  July 6 (Monday)
Time: Start:  17h-18h (Maputo). 16-17h (Lisbon / Luanda). 12-13h (Rio de Janeiro). 2 pm – 3 pm (Praia)

A conversation in which stakeholders will discuss the question of how the Covid affected migrations in Africa and as one can imagine the African borders in the post-Covid period, whether they should be open or increasingly closed.

  • Cultural industry and book distribution in Africa: Roberta Campassi, Tânia Tomé and Matilde Muocha

Day:  July 13 (Monday).
Time: Start: 17h-18h (Maputo). 16-17h (Lisbon / Luanda). 12-13h (Rio de Janeiro). 2 pm – 3 pm (Praia)

A conversation about the cultural industry in Africa, with a focus on book distribution, challenges and opportunities that should be explored.







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