Nuria Authors Unleashed Date: The Networking Friday

Literary events for an action-packed Nairobi weekend.

A book fair and festival, book launch, and author bonding sessions are on offer for lovers of the literary arts in Nairobi this coming weekend.

As the year runs down, many literary events are hosted in Nairobi to beat the year-end. After a quiet start to 2023, Soma Nami’s African Book Festival, Book Bunk’s NBO LitFest, and the Macondo Literary Festival were all hosted in a matter of weeks.

This coming few days look even more frenetic as we assume bibliophiles will run around the city at different venues to meet their favourite writers. Here are a few events for book lovers to check out starting tomorrow;

Goretti Kyomuhendo Whispers from Vera launch, Cheche Books, Wednesday, Sept 27, 6 pm

Goretti Kyomuhendo Whispers from Vera Nairobi launch
Goretti Kyomuhendo Whispers from Vera Nairobi launch

Goretti Kyomuhendo’s legendary novel Whispers from Vera was recently reissued by African Writer’s Trust. The first to see one of East Africa’s leading writers was Kampala in early September. Nairobi will get a chance at the Goretti Kyomuhendo experience at Cheche Books on Wednesday evening. She will be moderated by Lutivini Majanja.

Nairobi International Book Fair 2023, Sarit Centre Expo Hall, Sept 27 – Oct 1, all-day

Nairobi International Book Fair 2023
Nairobi International Book Fair 2023

The Nairobi International Book Fair 2023, set to be the most ambitious in its history, will be hosted at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall. More details can be found on this website.

Nuria Authors Unleashed Date, Cafe Deli, September 29, 3 – 7 pm

Nuria Authors Unleashed Date: The Networking Friday
Nuria Authors Unleashed Date: The Networking Friday

The Nuria Store is a leading bookstore supplying many of the books published in the country. The store is hosting the Authors Unleashed: The Networking Friday event at the Café Deli on Saturday afternoon. Rock up and get to meet some of your favourite writers.

Kenya Readathon, Alliance Française, September 30, 2 – 5 pm

kenyan Readathon 2023

In 2020, Lexa Lubanga initiated the Kenya Readathon to ensure that Kenyans read more books from their countrymen and countrywomen. The initiative, now in its fourth year, is basically a reading challenge to bring literary products to the top of the socials and give Kenyan writers a leg up.

On Saturday, there will be a physical event to bring together lovers of the written word from Kenyans. We expect reading exercises, speeches, and loads more for the three hours the event is on.

The 254 Kitabu Fest, The Village Market, Saturday, Sept 30, 10 am – all day.

The 254 kitabu Fest

The 254 Kitabu Fest is an initiative of the leading bookstore chain Textbook Centre, which has 12 branches, to celebrate Kenyan literature in all its forms. The aim is to inspire Kenyan authors to understand what it takes to be an author, how to grow and monetize, how to remain relevant and how to inspire the upcoming generation to write. The event which will feature folks like Wangari The Storyteller, who will do a kid’s book reading, will start at 10 am and will run all day.


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