Helon Habila’s “Travellers” for June 6 debut.

Helon Habila’s “Travellers” for June 6 debut.

Helon Habila’s newest novel Travellers, published by Penguin, will be available starting June 6, 2019.

Helon Habila first came to continental fame when he won the second edition of the Caine Prize in 2001. The Nigerian novelist and poet would then go on to a very good literary career starting with Waiting for an Angel: A Novel in 2004). Since then he has written Measuring Time: A Novel (2007), and Oil on Water: A Novel (2010). In the nonfiction space he wrote The Chibok Girls in 2017 which spoke about the crisis that led to young women being kidnapped in the West African country.

Habila’s newest novel published by Penguin is called Travellers and its blurb goes thus;

Modern Europe is a melting pot of migrating souls: among them a Nigerian American couple on a prestigious arts fellowship, a transgender film student seeking the freedom of authenticity, a Libyan doctor who lost his wife and child in the waters of the Mediterranean, and a Somalian shopkeeper trying to save his young daughter from forced marriage. And, though the divide between the self-chosen exiles and those who are forced to leave home may feel solid, in reality such boundaries are endlessly shifting and frighteningly soluble.

Moving from a Berlin nightclub to a Sicilian refugee camp to the London apartment of a Malawian poet, Helon Habila evokes a rich mosaic of migrant experiences. And through his characters’ interconnecting fates, he traces the extraordinary pilgrimages we all might make in pursuit of home.

Leila Aboulela in praise of the new addition to our canon said, ‘Once I started reading Travellers, I couldn’t stop. With power and control, it plunges the reader into a maze of lives that crisscross between Africa and Europe. Refugees and not only refugees hungering for the north, pushing their way through the barriers of waves, human failings and unrealistic dreams. The novel has all the weight of art with the sting of breaking news. I loved it. It is Habila at his best.’

If you want this book you can make your pre-order at the following address.



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