HJ Golakai's The Lazarus Effect now in Italian

HJ Golakai’s The Lazarus Effect now in Italian

The Lazarus Effect is a book that was published a few years ago by Liberian Hawa Golakai or HJ Golakai. It is a crime fiction novel about an investigative reporter Voinjama “Vee” Johnson who was born in Liberia but is based in South Africa and how she goes around solving the murder of Jaqueline “Jacqui” Paulsen is murdered by an unknown assailant in Cape Town, South Africa. You can read my review of her book here.

The good news coming from the writer is that the book is now available for Italian speakers as L’effetto Lazzaro and can be gotten at Amazon as an e-book. So those who prefer to see the work of one of the few lady-only crime fiction authors on the continent will be happy that they can buy work. I expect brisk sales of the book in Malindi on the Kenyan coast which as you know is Italian-rich.







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