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International Publishers Association seminar for Marrakesh, Morocco in 2020.

The International Publishers Association seminar will be hosted in Marrakesh, Morocco in 2020. The announcement was made by IPA President Hugo Setzer in Nairobi on June 15, 2019.

The International Publishers Association (IPA) seminar, with a series of events around publishing and its ecosystem, was hosted in Nairobi on June 14-15. Publishing professionals from across the continent were in the Kenyan capital learning from one another and meeting to ensure that the networks grew.

The seminar at the Mövenpick Hotel closed on June 15 with a Gala dinner with speeches from among others Kenya Publishers Association Chairman Lawrence Njagi and IPA President Hugo Setzer. Both gave thanks to everyone who took part in the organisation at the local and international level.

IPA President Setzer in his remarks, apart from thanking those who did their bit to ensuring the event in Nairobi happened successfully, announced the next host of the IPA Seminar; Marrakesh, Morocco. Morocco has been quietly reintegrating into the African ecosystem after decades out of continental life since leaving the African Union in 1984 and returning in 2017. This forum will be a handy re-entry of the North Africans to the African publishing fold.

The speeches would be followed by an extremely long session where all panellists who had taken part were handed out certificates and applauded as they took them. While it was fun, there were hungry delegates that would probably have appreciated a meal as they followed the proceedings.

The evening ended with a performance by popular band Gogosimo.


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