Jalada seeks submissions for sixth anthology “AFTER+LIFE.”

Jalada seeks submissions for sixth anthology “AFTER+LIFE.”

Jalada, the Pan African collective, is looking for submissions of fiction, poetry, prose and visual art for its sixth anthology AFTER+LIFE.

Jalada is a pan-African writers’ collective that was born from a team of writers that had converged in Nairobi for a literary event. That collective of a few dozen writers from across the continent would then publish critically acclaimed anthologies. They include Sketch of a Bald Woman In The Semi-Nude And Other Stories (our review), Sext Me Poems and Stories (our review), My Maths Teacher Hates Me and other Stories, Afrofuture (2), and The Language Issue.

Their Translation Issue would take them to the world as the collective had the ambitious project of translating the story The Upright Revolution: Or Why Humans Walk Upright by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o into as many languages as possible. The story which has been translated into dozens of languages could possibly be the most translated short story ever.

John Jennings (L) and Jordan Peele (R). Photo from Sara Bruya’s Facebook.
John Jennings (L) and Jordan Peele (R). Photo from Sara Bruya’s Facebook.

The most recent anthology was Jalada Transition which was produced in conjunction with the Transition Magazine. That one even got the attention of people like Oscar award winner Jordan Peele.

The next edition of Jalada is now in production and they have decided to be a bit different, as they always are, with the theme AFTER+LIFE. They have described the reasoning for the anthology thus;

The afterlife has been a mysterious curiosity for as long as humans can remember. Myths, stories, or even entire religions have been born out of our need to understand it. Be it a return to life in another form, or rewards and retribution for earthly deeds, the afterlife continues to serve as a consolation and a warning for the living.

What of the afterlife experienced by the dead in contrast with the subjective observation of the living? Could a dead being enjoy a blissful existence days after death where the living on-looker sees a decomposing corpse?

If you think that you would like to be featured in an anthology that has the attention of Oscar Award winners, you want to send your submission to jaladaafrica@gmail.com by June 5th, 2018. Make sure to include the phrase, “After+Life” in the subject line of your email.

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