Munashe Kaseke

James Murua Literary Podcast Episode 26: Munashe Kaseke

Zimbabwe-born, USA-based Munashe Kaseke is the writer of the short story collection Send Her Back and Other Stories and the founder of Mukana Press. Check out the podcast by clicking here.

Here is a blurb of the book that launched recently;

In “Send Her Back and Other Stories,” Munashe Kaseke offers an awfully intimate, fresh telling of the immigrant black woman experience in the United States, equally awash with a myriad of challenges as well as the joys of exploring a new world. With sumptuous candor, her complicated, and often tangled, female Zimbabwean protagonists navigate issues of identity, microaggressions, and sexism in vibrant and indelible settings, and at times a tense US political climate. Yet again, these are not only stories of overcoming, they’re also marked by characters who’ve risen to the top of their professional fields, seized the American dream, and who travel the world in glee. Kaseke peels back on the inner wranglings of characters caught between two worlds be it by stories of dating outside one’s culture and race or failing to assimilate upon returning home after spending time abroad. Uncanny. Hilarious. Witty. Gripping. Send Her Back and Other Stories dazzles, leaving you newly awakened to the world we live in.

Munashe Kaseke is also the founder of Mukana Press, an independent publisher providing opportunities to authors from traditionally underrepresented communities. Mukana is shona for opportunity and the newest publisher in the African literary ecosystem promises to bring new voices to the fore. They are also determined to build upon ecosystems in Africa and the USA to ensure that those who she publishes have the best chance of making it in their writing career

In our episode, she speaks about her writing, her journey as a publisher, and how she hopes to navigate the markets both in the USA and on the continent.

Check out the podcast by clicking here.






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