JamesMurua.com returns after well needed break.

JamesMurua.com returns after well needed break.

African Literary blog JamesMurua.com is back after a few well-earned weeks of rest. You can expect your helping of news and reviews from the African literary scene.

JamesMurua.com was set up in 2013 to shine a light on the African literary scene with news and reviews. Since then we have posted up hundreds of blogs keeping you up to date on what is going on with the literary scene of Africa. This includes information on the authors, their books, the awards they have been up for and winning both on the continent and further afield, festivals they attend and more.

For the month of August, we took a break from regularly updating the blog for the first time in two years. The pause was long overdue as the blogging had become almost mechanical by the time we went on our break. It was also important to have another look at the work and come back hopefully with a fresh eye and a renewed commitment.

While we were away, lovers of the African literary scene could keep up with the news by following the work of our friends Brittlepaper.com based in Nigeria, as well as Bookslive.co.za and Johannesburg Review of Books both based in South Africa. So much happened and we are grateful to these publications for keeping us up to date with what has been going on.

From today we come back to the scene to compliment what is already valuable work being done in the African literary scene. There have been some happenings that we cannot ignore and have to be updated. This means that you will be getting some very weird posting patterns for the next week as we try and catch up on our content.

Welcome back folks. We are back in business.

James Murua.






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