José Eduardo Agualusa

José Eduardo Agualusa is Angola National Prize for Culture and Arts 2019 winner.

José Eduardo Agualusa was announced the winner in the literature section of the Angola National Prize for Culture and Arts 2019 on Monday, October 28, 2019.

The Angolan National Prize for Culture and Arts is considered the most important distinction of the Angolan State with artists in a dozen categories including cinema, literature, music, theatre, and visual arts recognised.

The recipients of this year’s prize were announced on Monday in Luanda and in the literature category the winner is José Eduardo Agualusa. The writer of Portuguese-descent is known for his critical positions in relation to former Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos.

According to the jury of the award, José Eduardo Agualusa was distinguished for his contribution to the projection of Angolan literature in the world, thanks to an “extensive and vital creative path”. “Eduardo Agualusa is sufficiently bold, disruptive and committed to the fundamental social and political causes and problems of this time, which often allows him intellectual positions that favour dissent, controversy, and reflective controversy. In this way, it has contributed both to the emergence of the emancipated reader, as well as to the strengthening of citizenship and freedom of expression,” read the minutes of the prize.

José Eduardo Agualusa is the author of many books, mainly in his native Portuguese tongue, including The Society of Reluctant Dreamers (2017), Dublin International Literary Award 2017 winner A General Theory of Oblivion (2012), My Father’s Wives (2007), The Book of Chameleons (2004), and many more.

Other artists recognised by the academy were musician Alberto Teta Lando, historian Constança Ceita, painter Sebastião Joaquim N’Debele Cassule, theatre promoter Globo Dikulu for theatre, researcher António Domingos, Dorivaldo Cortez, and historian Constança Ceita.

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