Kenyan library awards Maktaba Awards 2016 call out

The Maktaba Awards 2016 (Kenyan Library of the Year Awards) seeks your entries; your deadline to enter your library is 20th July 2016.

The Maktaba Awards or the Kenyan Library of the Year Awards which have been happening for the last 6 years award the best libraries in the land in different categories. Last year the title of best library in the land went to Aga Khan institutions with the university winning best overall library and the Mombasa academy winning best private school.

We here are very interested in this award ceremonies as libraries are very important players for books for many of us: this is for those who can or cannot afford books.

The seventh edition of the Maktaba Awards will run with support from the Goethe-Institut Nairobi, the Kenya Library Association, The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts – Government of Kenya, in cooperation with several partners. The event is to happen at a yet to be announced date.

All categories of libraries are encouraged to participate in the competition. The Maktaba Awards are presented to libraries and information centres that exhibit excellence in the provision of information services to their customers. If you feel like this is your thing you want to submit your library profiles highlighting the following areas;

  • Currency, diversity and relevance of the library collection.
  • Innovative and creativeness in service provision.
  • Application of modern technologies in library services.
  • Collection, preservation and dissemination of local content and indigenous knowledge.
  • Service to the local community.

Please note that it is not only the libraries that can make entries of libraries; you are an individual can enter your favourite for the goodies on offer by sending mail to Again, the deadline for sending your expression of interest to participate is 20th July 2016.






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