Kenyan Readathon 2023

Kenyan Readathon 2023 for September

The Kenyan Readathon 2023, a month-long event dedicated to Kenyan books, will be hosted this September for the fourth.

In 2020, literary activist Lexa Lubanga announced the “Kenya Readathon” initiative to celebrate writing from the East African nation. It was a virtual series to encourage readers to promote Kenyan authors with their work as well as support local bookstores. The initiative has continued to run with physical meetings happening in 2021 and in 2022.

The onset of the fourth edition of the initiative was announced by its founder with the following statement;


We are happy to announce the fourth edition of the Kenyan Readathon set to happen in September this year!!!

Kenyan Readathon is a month-long reading marathon in September, created in 2020, which is aimed at promoting Kenyan literary works. Readers are encouraged to read only Kenyan-authored books for the whole month and share their reading progress with others.

This initiative creates consensus in the readership of local works, putting to light upcoming authors and celebrating those who have made Kenyan Literature, a force. This community has rightfully fulfilled its role of promoting our magical tales and sharing them with the rest of the world.

You can expect more information on the events in the coming days.






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