Kenya’s National Read Aloud 2024 for July 12

Kenya’s National Read Aloud 2024 for July 12

Kenya’s National Read Aloud 2024 will be hosted in schools around the country on Thursday, July 12, 2024.

On June 16, 2014, the Storymoja Read Aloud campaign was started to get kids around the country to read from the same text while spawning the next generation of readers. Since then, the annual activity has brought together kids from all over Kenya to read aloud to break the world record of 223,363 participants in 909 venues across the United States. By 2021, the number of readers was 73,481 while 147,496 read in 2022.

For 2024, the project changed from a foundation-led event to a nationally recognised one when President William Ruto declared the inaugural National Reading Day to be July 12. The goal of the project driven by the Start A Library Trust is to unite 300,000 learners from 3,000 schools nationwide alongside 6,000 dedicated Reading Ambassadors. They will attempt to break the World Record for the Most People Reading Aloud from the Same Text at the Same Time in Multiple locations.

They hope to leverage the transformative power of reading to amplify the powerful voices of African children in the fight against climate change. Climate change threatens not only our planet but our emotional well-being. Reading aloud on this day will offer an escape from eco-anxiety and spark knowledge and action. Through shared narratives, they intend to connect, find strength, and discover reading has power in healing our planet and ourselves.

Will President Ruto, who has been out of commission after a historically tough few days for his regime, attend the day’s events? Only time will tell.

If you wish to participate as a reading ambassador, where you will be assigned a school to participate please click here.

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    This is great. I am so excited to participate as a Reading Ambassador reading from Lower Kabete Primary School

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