Kevin Mwachiro’s “Nipe Story” Podcast is one year old.

Kevin Mwachiro’s “Nipe Story” Podcast is one year old.

The Nipe Story Podcast hosted by Kenyan journalist, poet, and writer Kevin Mwachiro is one year old.

There aren’t enough Podcasts or other media that cover the African literary scene; this especially applies to those that feature stories in audio form for would-be readers. The sad part is Podcasts come and vanish just as they show up with very few with the longevity needed.

One Podcast has done what many have failed in the African Podcastosphere; celebrating a one year anniversary. That Podcast is Nipe Story (Tell Me A Story) a fortnightly podcast that gives a voice to written short stories. It is the brainchild of writer, poet, journalist, communicator, podcaster, activist, and cultural enthusiast Kevin Mwachiro. Mwachiro has one book to his name having written Invisible: Stories From Kenya’s Queer Community (our review).

Nipe Story first emerged in January 2018 with the telling of the Kiprop Kimutai short story Dark Well. After this we would be regaled for months by this delightful new thing that was given to us. It would featured the work of amongst others Andrew Mudachi, Binyavanga Wainaina, Lutivini Majanja, Monica Arac De Nyeko, Troy Onyango, James Juma Mbotela, Sitawa Nawalie, Peter Kimani, Ndinda Kioko, Parselelo Kantai, Faith Oneya, Christine Odeph, Chike Frankie Edozien, Joshua Mmali, and Natalie Sifuma.

We hadn’t really realised how long this podcast had been running until we heard Eco Humans by Tlotlo Tsamaase where Mwachiro would state at the introduction that it was celebrating one year in existence.

If you aren’t too busy check out this excellent addition the African literary space.

Happy (belated) birthday Team Nipe Story. May you have many many more.






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