Lire à Douala 2023

Lire à Douala 2023 starts March 26

Lire à Douala 2023 is set to be hosted in the Cameroonian city of Douala from March 26 – 30, 2023. The festival theme is “literature connects and repairs”.

“Lire à Douala” (English: reading in Doula) is an association whose objective is to promote reading, written expression and the development of literary culture, in particular for young people in Douala, Cameroon. The aim for the association, founded in 2015, is to create a dialogue between knowledge, that which stems from discoveries, of history, but especially those endogenous often marginalized people who are more autonomous, intuitive and pragmatic.

The festival this year is set to return for the seventh edition for readings, poetry recitals, panels, school visits, workshops, youth activities, and loads more. The theme will be “Literature connects and repairs” and will “explore how in a fragile and complex world, where logics are essentially political and financial with corollary the reification of human beings, nature and the living, heal darkness and lack of connection? Are the remedies literary, authors? Can they fix the cultural, social and economic deli? We realize our humanity in our capacity to make meaning and connect; from novel to trial to poetry, novel to story, writing is called linkmaking. Writing rejects chronology, stops time to shape another, linking the past to the future and the present. Writing is a journey, a place of liberation of being, a quest for otherness, to lead to a free understanding of the world.”

Some of the people scheduled to feature are Touhfat Mouhtare, Diadié Dembélé, Adamou Doubla, Prof. Eugène Ebode, and many others.

To keep up with the activities in Douala, please follow the festival on Instagram and/or Facebook.


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