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Literary Magazines: Arablit Quarterly, Omenana, Plough Shares, Women in Islam

New editions of Arablit Quarterly, Omenana Magazine Plough Shares Women in Islam Journal are available for your reading pleasure.

Arablit Quarterly

Arablit Quarterly Gaza! Gaza! Gaza!

ArabLit Quarterly is a literary magazine that brings together Arabic literature, essays, wordplay, art, music, and food in translation, founded in 2018. 

In the latest edition, ArabLit Quarterly and Gaza’s Majalla 28 come together to publish a special spring issue co-edited by Mohammed Zaqzooq and Mahmoud Al-Shaer with words and art from Gaza. With the theme “Gaza! Gaza! Gaza!” it has essays, poems, and life-and-death reflections by writers living in Gaza that speak to their lives between October 2023 and March 2024.

Contributors work from writers, poets, and translators Samer Abu Hawwash, Huda Fakhreddine, Olivia Elias, Kareem James Abu-Zeid, Salma Harland, Basman Aldirawi, Tala Ladki, Ibrahim Nasrallah, Huda Fakhreddine, Yara Omar, Nashwa Nasreldin, the late Saleem al-Naffar, Ruth Abou Rached, Muin Bseiso, Yahya Ashour, Khaled Rajeh, and many others.

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Omenana Magazine#

Omenana 28

Omenana, a tri-monthly speculative fiction e-magazine, is open to submissions from African writers and the African Diaspora.

The new edition has contributions from Trisha Simone, Prosper C. Ìféányí, Nkereuwem Albert, Valerie Chatindo, and Florence Onyango.

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Plough Shares

Plough Shares edited by Laila Lalami

Ploughshares is an award-winning journal of new writing. Since 1971, Ploughshares has discovered and cultivated the freshest voices in contemporary American literature, and now provides readers with thoughtful and entertaining literature in a variety of formats.

The Spring 2024 Issue, guest-edited by Laila Lalami, features poetry and prose by Nathan Blum, Emily Doyle, Francisco Goldman, Nina McConigley, Jamila Minnicks, Tommy Orange, Andrew Porter, Ehsaneh Sadr, Cal Shook. Jane Smiley, Terese Svoboda, Farah Abdessamad, Tochi Onyebuchi, Hannah Rose Roberts, Mosab Abu Toha, Dorsey Craft, Kevin Dublin, January Gill O’Neil, Barbara Hamby, Nathalie Handal, Vandana Khanna, Khaled Mattawa, Campbell McGrath, David Romtvedt, Martha Ronk, Elegy Emily Schulten, Rob Shapiro Jaz Sufi Othuke Umukoro, Connor Watkins-Xu, and more.

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Women in Islam Journal

Women in Islam Journal

Women in Islam explores the complexities of gender relations in Muslim communities in the Horn of Africa and beyond, engaging critically with the social, political and cultural challenges associated with the intersection of Islam and gender. With an eclectic selection of essays, academic papers, opinion pieces and personal narratives punctuated with poetry and art, the journal seeks to spark creative and forward-looking discussions on how to effectively improve the status of women in Muslim societies. Women in Islam is published annually by the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA).

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