Literary platform Afrolivresque returns bigger and better.

Afrolivresque, the literary platform founded by Acèle Nadale in 2015, has had a makeover and is taking 2024 by storm.  

In 2015, the online magazine, a platform supporting African writing was founded by Cameroonian-born Germany-based Acèle Nadale. For the last nine years, Afrolivresque was the go-to resource for knowledge on what was happening in African and Afro-descendant literature with a website, a podcast, and events. While it covers all of African letters, there is a definite focus on the Francophone side of things as the website runs principally in French. We here at Writing Africa have been following their work with the help of Google Translate.

2024 has come with a new lease of life for the website which engaged Chrystelle Ngoulou to support the founder. The team has a new website and offerings for those who wish to know what is happening in the literary scene across the continent and the diaspora.

On Monday, they unveiled a range of newsletters, aimed at enriching your reading experience and connecting you further to the richness of African and Afro-descendant literature. They include;

  • L’InfoLivresque: weekly updates on literary news, information on upcoming events, interviews, and portraits.
  • Readers’ Seeds: Geared towards parents and educators, this monthly newsletter offers you information and selections of carefully chosen books to captivate young minds and nourish their passion for reading.
  • Reading Treasures: This bimonthly newsletter offers you reading selections, reviews, and special offers, to help you discover new works.
  • Book Dynamics: This monthly newsletter offers an overview of trends and developments in the book industry, ideal for professionals and enlightened amateurs.
  • Rendez-Vous des Mots: Stay informed about important literary events and don’t miss any opportunity to connect with the African and Afro-descendant literary community.
  • Letters and Lifestyle: A bimonthly immersion in the world of literature linked to lifestyle and culture, for those who seek to combine passion for books and other cultural discoveries.

For more information on how to get the hottest new literary platform in town, please click here.





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