Magunga WIlliams.

Magunga Williams is Kenya’s Creative Writing Blog 2018 winner.

Magunga Williams is Kenya’s Creative Writing Blog 2018 winner. He was given the award at a ceremony in Nairobi’s Crowne Plaza on May 19, 2018.

The Kenyan blogging Awards organised by the Blogging Association of Kenya (BAKE) are popularly known as the BAKE Awards. The awards were started in 2012 to recognise the best in blogging in Kenya in the various categories from fashion to food to travel and everything you want to imagine. From humble beginnings, the awards have quickly become one of the most recognisable on the African continent.

The awards have a category for those of us who love to read fiction and nonfiction which they call the “Creative Writing” category. In the period of the awards, two bloggers stood like colossus on this award starting first with Crazy Nairobian followed by Biko Zulu.

There was a new name on the best Creative Writing Blog roster as Magunga Williams was announced as the winner this past Saturday. Magunga Williams is the guy who curates and writes on a platform where writers in Kenya and beyond can contribute their poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for a very discerning audience. When not curating content, he runs the Magunga Bookstore (now known as Rugano Books) where lovers of African literature can buy their favourite books from the continent.

It was a special day for the young Kenyan who had been nominated for three years before this and this fourth nomination would be the chance for him to win at last. The joy in winning the award was evident in his Instagram post after the fact.


Four years later. Thank you. All of you. #BAKEAwards

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P.S. We here at the was also in the running for this category and we lost to the more deserving blog. To all of those who voted for this blog we thank you very much. We’ll get them next time. Assuming we get another shortlist of course.






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