Malkiat Singh Sells his rights for 1 million dollars

Malkiat Singh looks a lot like this.
Malkiat Singh looks a lot like this Salim Lone dude.

If you are Kenyan educated then you must know the name Malkiat Singh. He is the guy who has written over 100 books that are used as textbooks in Kenyan schools. It has emerged that the writer has sold off the rights to all of his books to Longhorn Publishers for Kshs83 million – I million dollars. He has sold off the rights to the 43 books that are his money spinners in the education business.That’s a lot of money being paid to the 75 year old.

What does this tell me? For one, this means that the publisher decided that it was cheaper to pay off the man than give him his usual royalty check every month. This tells me that he was raking in much more that many would have imagined.

Can you see the rights to your books selling off for One million dollars? This dude has shown the way.

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