Martin Egblewogbe

Martin Egblewogbe’s short story collection “The Waiting” out on February 13.

Martin Egblewogbe’s short story collection The Waiting, published by flipped eye publishing, is out on February 13, 2020.

Martin Egblewogbe is a lecturer at the Department of Physics, University of Ghana, Legon. In 2009 he founded, with writer Laban Carrick Hill, the Writers Project of Ghana. He is the current host of the weekly radio show, “Writers Project on Citi”, which airs Sunday evenings at 8.30 PM GMT on Citi FM. He is the author of the short story collection Mr Happy and the Hammer of God and Other Stories (2012) and he also co-edited the anthology Look Where You Have Gone To Sit (2010).

Egblewogbe has a new short story collection set to make its appearance on February 13, published by flipped eye publishing with the following blurb;

A largely allegorical exploration of the loneliness of an existence based on an alien world-view, Martin Egblewogbe’s The Waiting is a collection rooted in metropolitan Ghana, but its primary territory is the human mind. Juxtaposing his training as a physicist against his curiosity about local myth, he creates a universe that’s both entertaining and erudite. In A Photograph of K & S, Smiling, a completely self-obsessed man, returned home after his father’s death, attempts to explain away his unremarkable life based on one perceived slight from his youth; in The Gonjon Pin (title story for the 2014 Caine Prize anthology) a genius working on a program to predict lottery numbers is stumped by the appearance of an intruder’s disembodied genitals on the wall of his computer engine room; The Making, Rain and Back to the Halls explore futility in different ways, while Atta explores life after death – a theme that reoccurs in a much bleaker guise in The Crwoling Caterpillar. Often Kafkaesque in its isolation of characters and a pervading sense of powerlessness, The Waiting nevertheless maintains a constant hum of humour, nowhere more so than in The Going Down of Pastor Mintumi – in which a pastor who has discovered the pleasures of the flesh late in life overindulges with hilarious consequences. The title story, The Waiting, is judgement day in a twisted mind, filled with the kinds of questions that haunt a life on earth, which, ultimately, is the quest of all art.

You can make your pre-orders, and orders after the launch of the new title on the following page.



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