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Miles Morland Fellowship 2015: Start submitting folks

It’s that time of the year again. The writing scholarship of the Miles Morland Foundation is open for business and waiting for your submissions from today.

Three Morland Writing Scholarships for fiction and one for non-fiction are open to anyone writing in the English language who was born in Africa or both of whose parents were born in Africa. The ones writing fiction will receive a grant of £18,000, paid over twelve months while those doing nonfiction receive £27,000 over the course of eighteen months.

This year those entering the program are being asked to pay the MMF 20% of whatever they subsequently receive from what they write during the period of their Scholarship.

The judge for this year’s fellowship Ellah Allfrey and Nadifa Mohamed who we have written about extensively on this blog.

This time round the winners will, should they wish, be mentored by an established author or publisher who will give help when sought on the progress of their book and comments as to how it succeeds in meeting its objectives.

If you think you qualify, and you know that you do, then go here for all the details. The deadline is 31st October.

Good luck.


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