Mogadishu Book Fair 2023 artists revealed

The Mogadishu Book Fair 2023, the seventh edition of the festival in the Horn of Africa, will be running in Somalia from May 24 – 26, 2023.

The Mogadishu Book Fair was founded by Sheikh Mohamed Diini to promote books, reading, literature, and culture while bringing together authors, scholars, poets, booksellers, publishers, and the Mogadishu and Somali public in 2015. For a few days, the city of Mogadishu is the centre of literary activity with panels, readings, poetry recitals, music, book launches, and much more.

The fair has brought guests in their dozens to the capital of the East African nation that is rebuilding after many years of conflict. Some of the guests have been Somali-Canadian novelist Fartumo Kusow, Somali-Finish author Nimco Noor, Somali-Italian Somali linguist Prof Abdalla Mansur, Somali-Canadian novelist Hassan G Santur, vocalist Abdikarim Qaareey, Somali-Swedish author Hussein Abdulle, and Mogadishu University researcher Mustfafa Fayrus.  

The seventh edition of the festival is set to return in May with authors, book lovers, publishers, academics, and specialists in one space, in beautiful Mogadishu. We shall be keeping you in the loop on the happenings on the festival as and when information becomes available.







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