Mukoma Wa Ngugi novel “We, The Scarred” is One Read App’s July read.

Mukoma Wa Ngugi novel “We, The Scarred” is One Read App’s July read.

Mukoma Wa Ngugi novel We, The Scarred is July’s read at the One Read App available on Google Play Store.

One Read is a mobile application, brought to you by Nigeria’s Sterling Bank and Ouida Books, aimed at promoting writers, publishers, and other players in the African book industry to create a community of readers. Readers are given access to some of the most stunning work coming from the continent today every month.

The book for June, the first in the series, was Helon Habila’s Travellers described as a “poignant and beautifully sculpted, a novel about exile, identity and the many kinds of travellers moving through our modern world.” The July read is We, The Scarred by Mukoma Wa Ngugi is the story of an exile returning to his country on the continent after many years in the USA.

To start enjoying some of the writing, you need to download the app which needs your mobile number. The mobile number is not required for accessing the app so you don’t need to worry about putting any random numbers. Once in, you encounter a page which offers the current read which is Mukoma Wa Ngugi’s We The Scarred. On the top you see “Home” on the left and a little bell on the right while the bottom of the page you see “News and Updates” which currently has Helon Habila who was last month’s read.

The One Read App Front Page
The One Read App Front Page

Click on that bell where you will see the text, “Use Promocode ONEMONTHONEREAD to purchase Monthly. Valid from 01 Jun 2020 to 31 Jul 2020.” Keep that code in mind because you are going to need it.


Click on the Home button at the top left and a menu pops up. At this point, you click on the “Profile” tab which leads to your profile page. Here you will see details like your phone number, email as well as buttons at the bottom page which are “change password” and “manage subscription.” Click on the “Manage Subscription” button and you will see the options of either one year ($11.99) or one month ($1.99). Click on the monthly subscription and it will ask if you have a promo code. Here is where you put in the code ONEMONTHONEREAD.


You will then navigate back to the home page and start reading. Your options are either listening to the story or reading it for yourself. Pick the option that most works for you.





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