Namwali Serpell

Namwali Serpell’s African invasion

Namwali Serpell became an instant celebrity in July this year when she was crowned Caine Prize winner. She also opted to shock and awe all involved when she decided that instead of going home with the 10,000-pound prize she shared out the prize money equally with fellow shortlisters.

So why would many be willing to see this award-winning writer? Some will be trying to figure out from the author what the heck that winning story The Sack was about. Others will be wanting to know what kind of madness would have to envelop a writer, a very highly paid profession, and give away free money. Others will just be hoping that her generosity will be all-encompassing and she will share some of her loot on meeting her.

Have no fear my fellow African as the US resident is set for an African invasion in the next few days. She will be a guest at the Open Book Cape Town literary festival that opens today and ends on Sunday.

Namweli Sarpell

With her exertions in Cape Town done, the writer’s Zambian countrymen will get a chance to see their winning heroine in Lusaka at the Foxdale Court as a guest of the Lusaka Book Club. Lusakans will get to meet the writer as well as buy copies of Lusaka Punk which features the writer’s story.

With Zambia ticked off her itinerary, she will then move up to Nairobi for the Storymoja Festival where she is one of the guests. That festival will be happening from the 16th to the 20th of the month.

If you are in the Western part of the continent then don’t despair that you will meet this writer. She will be at the Ake Festival in November and it looks like she will be a major draw there.


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