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New Literary journal “Lolwe” makes call for submissions.

Lolwe, a new literary journal founded by writer and lawyer Troy Onyango, made a call for submissions on January 28, 2020.

Troy Onyango first came to our attention when he won the inaugural Nyanza Literary Festival Prize for his short story, For What Are Butterflies Without Their Wings in 2016. In the same year, his short story The Transfiguration was nominated for the Pushcart Prize by Transition Magazine. The University of East Anglia alum has since had work featured in the Johannesburg Review of Books, Wasafiri Magazine, Kalahari Review, the Caine Prize anthology, Prairie Schooner, Afreada, and even the Nairobi Noir anthology that launched last week.

On January 23, the writer announced that he was setting up a literary magazine for African writers that would publish fiction, literary criticism, personal essays, photography, and poetry. You can read about this announcement on the Twitter thread below.

At the beginning of this year, an idea occurred to me to start a literary magazine. I hesitated. But as with ideas, sometimes they persist. So I reflected upon it, talked to some friends and fellow writers about it, and at last, I present to you @Lolwe_.

— Troy Onyango (@TroyOnyango) January 23, 2020

The new project, whose name comes from “Nam Lolwe,” a local name for Lake Victoria, started off with a bang with exclusive new work from Linda Musita, Susie Anne, Deshawn McKinney, amongst others.

The new publication has made a call out for submissions for its inaugural issue for work that is bold, different, and blurs or pushes boundaries. Writers are asked to play with form and language. Ignore genre classifications. You are requested to send in your fears and joys, your doubts and faiths, your curiosities and silences. The journal seeks Fiction, essays, poetry, and photography and will be guest-edited by JK Anowe, Itiola Jones, and Moso Sematlane.

For the submission guidelines, click here.

The deadline for entry is February 29, 2020.







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