Chimamanda Adichie

Nigeria’s Chimamanda Adichie Wins Heartland prize

This Chimamanda. Nigeria’s sweetheart writer Chimamanda Adichie has been doing what she does yet again; winning awards for her novels. The latest of her awards is the 2013 Heartland Prize. This annual prize, an initiative of the Chicago Tribune, was created in 1988 and sees authors awarded in two categories: Fiction and Non-Fiction. These prizes are awarded to books that “reinforce and perpetuate the values of heartland America.”

This award is for her current work Americanah clearly perpetuates the values of heartland America. Either that or the name Americanah is a no-brainer for the award committee. I’m looking forward to her newer book coming out in 2015. The book Nobelah Swedish African Hair will be a shoo-in for that prize-giving committee in Scandinavia…

The new award for Adichie, which is also in partnership with the Chicago Humanities Festival, will be presented in November.



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