Nimrod. Photo/Guy Bernot

Nimrod’s “Petit Praise De La Lumière Nature” is Prix Apollinaire 2020 winner

Nimrod’s poetry collection Petit Praise De La Lumière Nature was announced the winner of the Prix Apollinaire 2020 on December 2, 2020.

The Prix Guillaume Apollinaire, named in honour of French writer Guillaume Apollinaire, is a French poetry prize first awarded in 1941. It crowns a collection characterized by its originality and modernity. Some winners in recent years have been Olivier Barbarant, Cécile Coulon, Serge Pey, and Liliane Wouters.

The jury for the 2020 edition, chaired by Jean-Pierre Simenon, included Linda Maria Baros, Marc Alyn, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Zéno Bianu, Fabienne Courtade, Philippe Delaveau, Guy Goffette, and Jean Portante. They revealed the finalists for the prize on October 2.

The winner from these finalists is Petit Praise De La Lumière Nature (Obsidiane) a collection of poetry by poet, essayist, and novelist Nimrod. The Chad-born France-based writer and poet is the author of six collections of poems, including Passage à l’Infini (Prix Louise Labé 1999), Babel, Babylone (Prix Max Jacob 2011) and Petit Praise de la lumière nature (2020), published by Obsidiane. In 2017, his personal anthology J’aurais un royaume en bois flottés (I would have a driftwood kingdom) was published in the “Poésie / Gallimard” collection.

The award ceremony for the prestigious Prix Apollinaire 2020 will take place in autumn 2021.



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