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Niq Mhlongo’s Affluenza and German Way Back Home

South African Niq Mhlongo is the author of three novels Dog Eat Dog, After Tears ,and Way Back Home. I have read all three and the best of the lot is the most recent one Way Back Home about a tenderprenuer who was an exile fighting for South African freedom. It’s not only brilliant but it also is a very good reminder of the role other African countries took during Apartheid now Xenophobia has returned. You can read my review of that book here.

Way Back Home by Niq Mhlongo
Way Back Home by Niq Mhlongo

He hasn’t been resting on his laurels our Niq. He has a German translation of his Way Back Home book which is published by Wunderhorn in August. I’m loving the cover in the German version of the book; I loved the old cover but this one has something of the dread that this guy goes through very well portrayed.

Affluenza by Niq Mhlongo
Affluenza by Niq Mhlongo

For those who can’t (or won’t read) German, you can also check out his newest book Affluenza published by Kwela. Unless in previous times when he specialised in the novel form he has opted for the short story route. The short stories have been in several publications and cover the span of our democracy – the euphoria of 1994, the Aids pandemic, xenophobia, the madness of Marikana, and the Zuma presidency.





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