Nuria Books takes up Naivas’ Kenyan book distribution

Nuria Books takes up Naivas’ Kenyan book distribution

Popular bookstore Nuria Books has taken up the distribution of Kenyan books for megastore Naivas. The deal was made public on November 20, 2023.

In 2021, leading retailer Naivas Supermarkets announced a new initiative to bring books by Kenyan writers to be known to their many customers. The initiative called for Kenyan authors and publishers looking for an effective distribution network for their literacy and creative works. Since then, many writers who would probably have never been known outside of the usual spaces got new audiences for their work.

On Monday, the supermarket announced that they had signed up a new distribution deal with popular bookstore Nuria Books. Nuria which was founded by Abdullahi Bulle in Nairobi in 2015 has slowly come to the centre of the writing business in the country, especially with the self-publishing area, with over 1,000 titles in their catalogue. Details of the deal were shared by Nuria Books on their official channels on Monday with the statement;

We are delighted to announce that Nuria Bookstore Kenya has taken over the distribution of Kenyan books at @naivas_kenya Supermarket branches.

This is a result of a successful handover ceremony that took place today, where “All African Books” transferred the Kenyan books to Nuria Bookstore Kenya.

We appreciate their partnership and support in promoting Kenyan literature and culture.

We look forward to serving you with quality and affordable books at Naivas Supermarket outlets.

Abdullahi Bulle speaking after the announcement said that they were excited to bring their writers to an even bigger audience.

Writers of Kenya, for your title to be stocked by Naivas you need to get in touch with Nuria Books. They are very good on social media so look for them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.






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