Praxis magazine focuses on African publishing in March         

Praxis Magazine for arts and literature is a Nigerian based publication which showcases cutting edge arts, literature, podcasts and performance poetry from established and emerging writers, artists and poets. I have been following this online publication for a few months now and found it to have some really cool content.

This month our friends at Praxis have opted to shine a light on the people who produce the books we all read; publishers. They are doing this by conducting interviews with people in well-known publishing houses across the continent so that we can know about this whole industry which can only be a good thing if you are a writer.

The interviews started with one of Eghosa Imasuen who is the chief operating officer of Kichifo limited the folks behind Farafina Books. These are the fellows that publish the Nigerian editions of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is a very interesting interview. On being asked what it takes to write for Farafina, he tells you the aspiring reader, “Write true and honest. Everything comes from there. Skill is aplenty. Write your truth. Honestly.”

Louise Umutoni
Louise Umutoni

The second interview which ran yesterday was of Louise Umutoni who is the brains at Rwandan based Huza Press. This was the publishing house that brought us the first writing competition in Rwanda last year that was won by Darla Rudakubana and Daniel Rafiki.

Louise speaks about her and her organisations plans to work on the continent with a very broadly with people who would they can give value to. She also talks about some of the biggest issues in the industry.

“Our biggest problem is distribution, something we are looking to address through partnerships and using online platforms such as Nuntu which have been set up to address issues of content distribution on the continent,” Umutoni says.

Keep checking out the website as our friends at Praxis tell me they will be unleashing two of these interviews every week in March.


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