Prix Du Maroc Du Livre 2019

Prix Du Maroc Du Livre 2019 winners announced in Rabat.

The winners of the Prix Du Morocco Du Livre 2019 were announced in Rabat, Morocco on October 18, 2019.

Prix Du Maroc Du Livre or the Morocco Book Prize was founded to celebrate writers from the Northern African country in 1962. The prize, which doesn’t happen every year, has been won by among others Abdelkarim Jouiti, Omar Walqadi, Ahmed Bouzfour, and Wafaa El Amrani.

Prix Du Maroc Du Livre 2019 was judged by a jury chaired overall by Abdellah Boussouf, while the chairmanship of the juries dedicated to each category was entrusted to Nezha Ben Khayat El Zekari (social sciences), Jamaa Bayda (human sciences), Fatima Tahtah (linguistic literary studies and artists and studies in the field of Amazigh culture), Abdelkarim Berrechid (narration, Amazigh literary creation and books for young people and children), Ahmed Zniber (poetry) and Abdelkader Sabil (translation).

These juries examined 191 publications including 27 poetic titles, 38 in the narrative, 27 in the humanities, 22 in the social sciences, 15 in the literary, linguistic and artistic studies, 10 in Amazigh culture, 22 in Amazigh literary creation, 11 titles for young people and children and 19 in translation. The winners in the various categories are;

  • Poetry (tied): Mustapha Melh for his collection The Ouwabbikho Ahadane (“I do not blame anyone”) and Rachid Khaless for his book Total War followed by theft, the brilliance.
  • Narrative: Abderrahim Jiran for his work Al Hajar wa Al Baraka (“The Stone and the Baraka”),
  • Amazigh creative writing: Moulaid El Adnani, for his book Inadin n oudan (“The Recall of nights”).
  • Young people and children: Mohamed Said Soussan, for Huria mina Samaa (“A mermaid from heaven”).
  • Social sciences prize (joint winners): Ayad Ablal, for his book Al Jahl Almurakkab, Addin, Attadayyun wa ichkaliyat almouataqad addini fi al alam al arabi (“Complex ignorance, religion, religiosity and religious issues in the Arab world”), and Khalid Zakri for his Arab modernities, from modernity to globalization.
  • Literary, linguistic and artistic studies prize: Ibrahim Al Hussein, for his book Caricature of Al Maghrib, alsoukhriya ala mahak almamnou (“Caricature in Morocco, irony and the stake of the forbidden”).
  • Price of studies in the field of Amazigh culture: Ahmed El Mounadi for his book “Achiir al Amazighi hadith” (“Modern Amazigh poetry”).
  • Translation prize: Hassan Taleb for his translation of the book “Al Karib al bayid, qarn min alantropolojiya bilmaghrib” (“The near and the far, a century of anthropology in Morocco”), his author Hassan Rashik.

The writers received the cash prize of 70,000 dirhams as well as a certificate and a trophy.






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