Prix Littéraire Fetkann Maryse Condé 2021

Prix Littéraire Fetkann Maryse Condé 2021 winners announced.

Emmelie Prophete, Lussunzi Vita Mbala, Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, Jean D’Amerique, Elizabeth Colomba and Aurélie Levy were revealed to be Prix littéraire Fetkann Maryse Condé winners. The announcement was made at Café de Flore, Paris, France on November 24, 2021.

The Prix littéraire Fetkann Maryse Condé rewards the works, collections, research works or essays that promote the work of memory of the countries of the global South and all that goes in the direction of the promotion of human dignity in general. It is a creation of the French organisation CIFORDOM. The prize is open to all regardless of their origin, age, and nationality and awards Memory, poetry, research, and fiction. Some previous winners have been Christiane Taubira, Marie-Andrée Ciprut, Gary Vitor, Faye Gaël, Achille Mbembe, Maryse Condé, Faïza Guène, Malcom Ferdinand, Nassuf Djailani, Ilyasah Shabazz, AG Ford, and Pap Ndiaye.

The ceremony hosted on Wednesday included a message from Maryse Condé part of which was;

Unfortunately, for a few years now I have not attended the FETKANN Awards ceremony! Maryse Condé. My body, my health forbid me. Believe me, I regret it because I loved these meetings at the Café de Flore populated by such familiar shadows and these moments of creativity and discussion.However, I remain present among you. I listen to the speeches. I applaud all the names of the winners. Because literature has this magical power: it abolishes distances and brings humans together.”

The winners of the awards for this year were revealed to be;


Emmelie Prophete, Les villages de Dieu, Mémoire d’Encrier 2021 (Québec)

Emmelie Prophete
Emmelie Prophete

Born in Port au Prince, Emmeline is a novelist, poet and journalist. Her first novel Le testament des solitudes won her the Grand Prix littéraire de l’Association des écrivains de langue française (ADELF) (2009). Five other works followed, Le Villages de Dieu is her latest novel.


Lussunzi Vita Mbala, La société KONGO face à la colonisation portugaise 1885-1961, Un peuple et une culture en mutations, Paari Editeur (Paris)

Lussunzi Vita Mbala
Lussunzi Vita Mbala

A professor and researcher at several universities, Lussunzi Vita MBALA is also Director of the History collation at Paari editions a Pan-African journal of innovation.


Elizabeth Colomba and Aurélie Levy, Queenie, La marraine de HarlemAnne Carrière 2021 (Paris)

Elizabeth Colomba
Elizabeth Colomba

Elizabeth Colomba is a French painter of Martinique heritage known for her paintings of black people in historic settings. Her work has been shown at the Gracie Mansion, the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University, the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, and the Musée d’Orsay.


Jean D’Amerique, Rapsodie rouge, Bruno Doucey 2019 (Paris)

Jean D'Amérique
Jean D’Amérique

Jean D’Amérique directs the Transe Poétique festival and the Davertige poetry review. He has published several collections of poems: Petite fleur du ghetto (Atelier Jeudi Soir, 2015; maelstrÖm, 2019), special mention of the René Philoctète Prize, No path in the skin that bleeding embrace (Cheyne, 2017), Poetry Prize of the Vocation, and Workshop of silence (Cheyne, Collection Grise, 2020). He is also the author of several plays. His first novel, Soleil à coudre, was published by Actes Sud in 2021.

Prix Littéraire Fetkann | Mention Speciale du Jury

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr
Mohamed Mbougar Sarr. Photo/Lemia Bodden

Mohamed Mbougar Sarr who was born in Senegal and lives in France has published the novels: Terre ceinte (Présence africaine, 2015, Ahmadou- Kourouma prize and Grand Prix du roman métis), Silence du chœur (Présence africaine, 2017, Prix Littérature -Monde – Astonishing Voyageurs 2018), De purs homme (Philippe Rey / Jimsaan, 2018), and La plus Secrète Mémoire Des Hommes Prix (Philippe Rey) Goncourt 2021


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