Prix Littéraire Mohammed Dib 2024 longlist announced.

The longlists for Prix Littéraire Mohammed Dib 2024 were announced in Tlemcen, Algeria on Wednesday, June 19, 2024.

Mohammed Dib was an Algerian author who wrote over 30 novels, as well as numerous short stories, poems, and children’s literature in the French language. His work covered the breadth of 19th-century Algerian history, focusing on Algeria’s fight for independence. Two years before he passed away in 2003, Prix Littéraire Mohammed Dib (Mohammed Dib Literary Prize) was founded by the cultural association La Grande Maison to celebrate Algerian writing in Tamazight, Arabic, and French.

The jury for 2024, the ninth edition, led by Professor Mourad Yelles announced that they received 119 applications in the three language categories.

The president of the cultural association La Grande Maison, Ms. Sabéha Benmansour said: “This 9th session gave us proof, given the number and superior quality of the applications that reached us, and this, in the three languages. Based on the jurors’ reports, we opted, during the Prize Council meeting held on June 13, for a long list, made up, I would say, of the best of the best!

Those in the running for the award are;


  1. De glace et de feu, Suzanne El Kenz,
  2. Insularites, Ahcène Nadir Yacine
  3. Les Vies (Multiples) d’Adam, Benallou Lamine
  4. Dreams within their reach, Lynda Chouiten
  5. Terminus Babel, Belfodil Mustapha
  6. LA Kafrado, Sangs mêlés terre mosaïque, Malika Chitour Daoudi
  7. De Glace et de feu, El Kenza Suzan
  8. La dernière escale, Lounès Ghezali
  9. Moliere m’a tuer l’Homme des Accords deviants, Guemriche Salah
  10. Sin ou la lune en crumbes, Abdelaziz Otmani
  11. Belvédère, Kassoul Aicha
  12. Taxis, Laihem Aimen
  13. Le gens du peuplier, Metref Arezki
  14. Le Nil des vivants, Mohamed Abdellah
  15. Paris, l’autre désert, Mokeddem


The selection includes novels by

  • Tisegwa n Wallay, Sediri Fatima
  • MURDUS, Ould Amar Tahar
  • Abbuh!, Amrane Salem
  • Tasfit Tessefsi Tussaft, Serik Liza.


Prix Littéraire Mohammed Dib 2024 Arabic longlist

There will be a shortlist announced before the winner is made public in October.

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