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Rwanda’s Huza Press anthology shortlist announced

I have been keeping you abreast of an exciting new project coming out of Rwanda. Huza Press a publisher in the country are currently in the process of coming out with a new anthology with stories from the East African country.

The publisher has just announced the shortlist from the longer list of writers in the running for the US$1,000 first prize when a winner is announced later in the year. Those in the shortlist include;

  • Containers by Clarisse Baleja Saidi
  • Nomansland by Dayo Ntwari
  • I am Leaving you Today by Jean-Claude Mihire
  • Come Back Home by Anis Ndayisaba
  • The Little Red Car at the Gusaba by Eva Gara
  • Versus by Daniel Rafiki
  • It’s Me, Just Me by Corneille Mbarubukeye
  • Of Fear and of Guilt by Darla Rudakubana
  • The Girls by Charity Agasaro
  • Impanga by Akaliza Gara

All the best folks


4 responses to “Rwanda’s Huza Press anthology shortlist announced”

  1. Rene J. Nkurunziza avatar
    Rene J. Nkurunziza

    Congratulations to all those shortlisted.
    Unfortunately, my story didn’t make it for some reason.

    Good luck to all of you.

  2. Fan of Rwanda avatar
    Fan of Rwanda

    Congratulations to those shortlisted! May the best win!

    where we can read the short stories?

    1. murua avatar

      YOu will be able to read them when the anthology launches. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. […] shortlist on the Writivism Short Story prize. This was followed with a shortlist for the inaugural Huza Press Short Story Award the first in Rwanda. He is also on the longlist for Short Story Day […]

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