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Sahro Ahmed Koshin book “Sounds of Laughter” launches in Nairobi

Sahro Ahmed Koshin was born in Mogadishu before moving first to Lusaka, Zambia, and then to the Netherlands where she completed her undergraduate and master’s education. She then moved back to Somalia for work reasons.

She founded the Puntland Women Writers Association which brings together women writers based in the Puntland region last year.

Koshin who is a poet launched her poetry collection Sounds of Laughter at Jamia Central Hotel, Nairobi last night. The book was attended by a large group of literature lovers based in Kenya’s largest city. Here are a few images from the event courtesy of the writer.

Sah Araweelo Koshin 5
Sah Araweelo Koshin book launch
Sah Araweelo Koshin books
Sah Araweelo Koshin signs a book
Sah Araweelo Koshin with another fan
Sah Araweelo Koshin signs


2 responses to “Sahro Ahmed Koshin book “Sounds of Laughter” launches in Nairobi”

  1. Sahro Ahmed Koshin avatar

    Awesome! Thank you for capturing this James!

    1. murua avatar

      Congratulations on your book launch. Good luck in Mogadishu.

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