Salon du Livre de Douala 2023

Salon du Livre de Douala 2023 starts on November 9

Salon du Livre de Douala 2023 runs for the second time in the Cameroonian town from November 9 – 11, 2023.

Salon du Livre de Douala (English: Douala Book Fair), a huge meeting of the stakeholders at the Akwa Festival Hall, first ran in the Cameroonian town in 2021. That event organised by Douala Urban Community had a call out that was answered by among others publishing houses like Editions AfricAvenir, Editions Proximité, Editions du Midi, and Editions Véritas. Also taking part were Librairie des Peuples Noirs, GriotBookshop, Livrafrique, Likalo Kids Space, Librairie La Régionale, Reading Classrooms, and Afidi. It had appearances by Josué Bona Ekobo, Marie Julie Nguetsè, Emaga Judith, Jeanne Louise Djanga, Yvette Balana, Mutt-Lon (Segbe Daniel Alain), Douglas Achingale, Ekoum Valentin, among others.

A highlight was Le Concours littéraire Matila O Duala a literary competition for writers aged 1- 35 that was judged by a jury of Djaili Amadou Amal (President), Douglas Achingale, Junior Haussin Noulapoum Kuaye, Nnane Ntube, and Flora Amabiamina. There were also reading-aloud and dictation competitions with participants selected from high schools and colleges around the city.

The second edition of the fair is set to happen again with several authors participating. Some of these are Francis Bebey, Leonora Miano, Pauline Ongogo, Jeanne Louise Djanga, Danielle Eyango, Douglas Achingale, Prof Flora Amabiamina, Junior Haussin Noulapoum Kuaye, Nnane Ntube, Prince Kum’a Ndumbe III, Fabienne Freeland, Agnès Enjome, Hermann Matchadje, Horore Bell Bebga, Ray Ndebi, Marie Julie Nguetse, Genevieve Ngosso Kouo, Chantal Moukoko, Suzanne Kala Lobe, and others. There will also be the announcement of this year’s edition of Le Concours littéraire Matila O Duala.

Here are some scheduled panels for this fair that starts tomorrow;

For more information on the fair please visit the official website by clicking here. You can also get information on their official Facebook page.






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