Sarah Ladipo Manyika

Sarah Ladipo Manyika is Goldsmiths Prize 2020 judge.

Sarah Ladipo Manyika was announced a judge of the Goldsmiths Prize 2020 on January 24, 2020.

The Goldsmiths Prize is a British literary award, founded in 2013, for fiction that “breaks the mould, opens up new possibilities for the novel form, and embodies the spirit of invention.” Worth £10,000 to the winner, it is sponsored by Goldsmiths, University of London in association with the New Statesman. The award is limited to UK and Irish authors and books must be published by a UK-based publisher.

The judges for the 2020 edition of the prize were announced and one of the judges, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, is familiar to many readers of this blog. Manyika is the author of In Dependence (2009) and Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun (2016). She was shortlisted for the Goldsmith Prize for the latter novel in 2016.

The novelist stated on her social media after the announcement; “Dear friends, this year I’m excited to be serving on the panel of judges for the 2020 Goldsmiths Prize. The prize rewards fiction that breaks the mould or extends the possibilities of the novel form. If you know of any great books that would be eligible for consideration please do send these books in!”



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