Sawiris Cultural Awards

Sawiris Cultural Awards 2024 shortlists announced.

The shortlists for the Sawiris Cultural Awards 2024 were revealed in Cairo, Egypt on Sunday, December 18, 2023.

The Sawiris Cultural Award, one of the richest on the continent with winners going home with around 1.5 million Egyptian pounds in total, was founded in 2005. The awards are handed out in the categories of novels, short story collections, books for children under the age of 12, screenplays, playwrights, and in the field of literary criticism and nonfiction. Some of the winners last year were Adel Asaad Merry, Muhammed Abu Zaid, Osama Habashi and Mohamed Abdel Nabi. Some of the winners in 2017 were Youssef Rakha, Saad Abdel-Fattah, Said Nouh, Samar Nour, Ali Sayed, Mohamed Abdel-Naby, and Eissa Gamal.

The 2024 edition of the awards is here with the announcement of some of the shortlists on Sunday. Those made public were;


  • Happy Endings, Ahmed Naji
  • The Forest and the Cage, Talal Faisal
  • Victoria, Karoline Kamel
  • There Where the River Ends, Maryam Abdel Aziz
  • American Homes, Heba Khamsis

Short Story Collection

  • Space to Maneuver, Ahmed Fouad El-Din
  • A Personal Portrait of Death, Islam Ahmed
  • Archive of Replicas, Basma Naji
  • This Is Not Your Room, Karim Mohsen
  • The Days of Samir Homs, Hind Jaafar


  • The Joys and Sorrows of the Girls’ House, Ahmed Ehab Abdel-Wareth
  • Moon Dust, Ahmed Essam
  • Searching for a Way Out for Mr. Rambo, Khaled Mansour
  • Once Upon a Time in Cairo, Khairy Al-Fakharani
  • Assassination of the Sheriff, Ali Sayed Muhammad

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on January 8, 2024.



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