Shadreck Chikoti’s Imagine Africa 500 anthology out on April 30

The Imagine Africa 500 anthology featuring some of the continent’s leading names in speculative fiction this month. It will make its online debut on April 30.

In November last year, I spoke about a workshop hosted by the Story Club in Malawi was facilitated by Billy KahoraJackee Batanda and Beatrice Lamwaka. Those at the workshop were working hard to ensure that their work was eligible for an anthology called Imagine Africa 500.

The anthology published by Pan African Publishers in Lilongwe Malawi and curated by Shadreck Chikoti would feature stories about Africa set 500 years from now.

“It was this realisation that art can actually contribute to the discourse on Africa’s future that birthed the initiative Imagine Africa 500,” said Chikoti about his pet project.

imagine 500 cover

The anthology of speculative fiction Imagine Africa 500 edited by Billy Kahora is out. It features writers from Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana. They include Muthi Nhlema (Malawi), Dilman Dila (Uganda), Chinelo Onwualu (Nigeria), Hagai Magai (Malawi), Frances Naiga Muwange (Uganda), Lauri Kubuitsile (Botswana), Aubrey Chinguwo (Malawi), Wole Talabi (Nigeria), Tuntufye Simwimba (Malawi), Musinguzi Ray Robert (Uganda), Derek Lubangakene (Uganda), Catherine Shepherd (South Africa), Hannah Onoguwe (Nigeria), Stephen Embleton (South Africa), and Tiseke Chilima (Malawi).

For those who love speculative fiction, then this book that has been already in the ethers of the small community of lovers of the genre on the continent is a must read. It comes highly recommended.


5 responses to “Shadreck Chikoti’s Imagine Africa 500 anthology out on April 30”

  1. Christoffer avatar

    Where can i buy this?

    1. James Murua avatar
      James Murua

      The book will be available online. I’m hearing Amazon.

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